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Logatec [SI]


Neurokrem story began back in late 90’s, when Ghostrider and Damage started to experiment with wide variety of electronic dance music. After many years of producing techno tracks they realized that they just can’t do any track without breaky parts in it.

The result was HardWired – their first only breakbeat oriented project. They made a few tracks that were well appreciated, but they put most of the effort in DJ-ing. They started with their own radio show which was really successful. But after few years they realized that their real passion was still music production.

And than the break point happened. They met a young talented guy, enthused by sounds at an early age, who was dedicating all of his free time to sound design. Urke_MF was by that time unknown hiphop producer influenced by Drum’n’Bass. After few drunken studio sessions they come up with Neurokrem name and decided to work together, since they all share the same interests in music.

Last member who joined the crew was Cedevitin. Mysterious young music genius perfectly fits in and make Neurokrem better than ever.


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